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Image: Photographer Per O. hagenPer, a native of Norway, is an experienced concert photographer, who has covered the SXSW Music Festival for almost two decennials, and he knows the Austin music scene better than most, locals and visitors alike.

Previously he has been working for the largest radio station in Norway as Head of Music (NRK P1), and later as Manager of Music Rights at the same station. He's also an assistant Professor in Musicology at the University of Oslo.

His concert photographs always attract a lot of attention, and he displays a lot of them often on his Facebook and Web pages.


Per Ole Hagen is educated as a Musicologist and has worked in public radio and TV in Norway for many years, 16 years as head of music at Norway’s largest radio station and 8 years as the manager of intellectual property for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Currently he is an assistant professor at the University in Oslo, teaching music business.

He has been a concert photographer for more than 15 years and has exhibited several times in Norway, and also in Warsaw, Poland, in Lithuania, and in Switzerland.

His photos have also been published in newspapers, music magazines and books in Norway, the US and other countries.


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