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Concert Photography Workshop (v.1, no sessions)

Experience the Live Music Capital of the World and learn concert photography from the experts! The workshop will cover camera techniques, equipment, and exposure, developing and post-editing of photos, and more. We'll also cover topics like planning, camera rights, and other practical and legal issues that can be smart to know when shooting concert photography.

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This concert photo workshop is a three day event with several sessions lasting from Friday through Sunday. We will do active photography shooting at several concert venues in Austin, in combination with classroom based photography theory, photo editing and evaluation, discussions and critiquing. During the classroom sessions, we'll use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and there'll be plenty of time for discussions and tips on how to improve your photo skills. 



These are the hours for the Concert Photography Workshop:

  • Friday March 23: 2 PM - 9 PM
  • Saturday March 24: 10 AM - 9 PM
  • Sunday March 25: 11AM - 3 PM
    (we're also working on an optional afternoon shooting session Sunday)

Each day will offer a combination of classroom sessions and visits to venues for live concert photography. Cover charges for the concert venues are included in the workshop fee. A detailed schedule will be sent to the attendees ahead of the workshop, but here's a rough outline:

We will start Friday with a introductory classroom session, covering basic theory and techniques, and take a look at some good (and bad) examples of concert photographs. This will be followed with a visit to one or two concert venues.

Saturday we will meet in the morning to edit and discuss the photos from Friday night. After this we will catch an afternoon concert, and we'll try to make room for another evaluation session Saturday afternoon. Saturday night is concert night, and we're planning visits to another couple of concerts.

Sunday we will meet in the morning, edit the photos from the night before and discuss the results, plus wrap up the workshop. The exact venues and artist we'll visit, will be determined later, when the concert schedules to that weekend is known.

Who is this Workshop for?

Anyone who loves music, phtotography and wants to get better at taking concert pictures!


You do need to bring the following equipment to the workshop:

  • Camera equipment
  • Computer running Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

Though it's not an absolute requirement, we recommend a DSLR camera (digital single-lens reflex). For the classroom sessions and photo editing exercises, you'll need a computer running Photoshop and Lightroom (Adobe Bridge can work as a substitution for Lightroom). You can purchase a long or short term subscription license for these programs at Adobe.com, or download the free trial version (note: the free versions have a time limit).

You should have some shooting experience and know the most common functions of your camera. Most terms and techniques will be explained during the workshop, but you'll benefit from a basic understanding of terms like ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed -- and how they interact with each other.

As far as lenses and other quipment are concerned, you don't need very sophisticated gear. The lens should preferrably be a fast one (low Aperture, like f/2.8), and  wide angle or normal zoom, or prime in the range between aperture 16 and 70 mm. If you have other lenses, feel free to bring them along, but we will mainly shoot at smaller venues where you don't normally need a long tele lens.

Remember: The most important thing is a passion for photography, and an interest in concert photography specifically!



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