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About Us

B Learning’s mission is to offer the best possible Adobe software training. We aim to accomplish this by engaging only the best instructors and providing the most professional course contents available. We promise that you’ll be able to complete the tasks unassisted on your first day back to work after the course. We’ll teach you how to prepare for a predictable, high quality result every time!

Our instructors have several years of in-depth, real work experience in all the programs they are teaching, and everything you learn will be based on realistic designs, files and workflows.

As a B Learning student, all the course contents, from presentations and lab exercises, through work techniques and output, to the workable template files provided, will be based on real world tasks, and enabling you to start and complete your own projects after the course.

Currently we have one location (in South Austin), but we will soon offer online live courses.

The B Learning course center currently offers the following types of courses:

Instructor led classroom courses

With an actual human being instructor present in the classroom, we make sure every student gets assistance, answers to their questions and the individual following-up necessary.

Our classroom courses normally run from 9am to 4pm on weekdays, but we also offer occasional evening and weekend classes.


Our workshops are task oriented and include lots of fun, real world action and a combination of classroom training and practical, real world tasks and projects to complete during the workshop.

In-house, on-site classes – standard or customized

If you’d rather have our instructors visit your location for a standard or customized class, we’re available! All our courses and topics can be customized to tour needs, and we can even apply your organization’s designs and files to further help you advance your productivity.

Contact us on email here or call us at 512-246-8888 to inquire about customized courses!

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